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i facilitate thinking, i engage minds, i listen to questions,
i encourage risk, i support struggle,
i cultivate dreams, i learn everyday.....
I Teach!
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Welcome to the no. 1 website Home Trainer.
I'm Viral Patel, from Mumbai, India.
A Portfolio with a Professional Creative Art Director with Teaching Experience of more than 7 years in Several Computer Institutes & Top Schools from Mumbai, Thane & Pune, Currently i'm a Senior Graphic Designer in a Good Reputed Consulting Firm & side by side handling my business Home Trainer with the concept of WATCH LEARN AND SHARE.

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I started my Career early in 2008. At that time i was just knowing that Designing Field is a mixture of some selective colours, some measurement knowledge, paper sizes and few software shortcuts to remember.


As i started my career, I gained experience from Companies, Institutes, International Schools and Colleges. I'm writing this blog to guide all my students, fresher and friends to develop and build a career in Multimedia field. I can personally suggest you that you just required a proper guidance, have patience, faith, trust on your teacher then things will be simpler as the days goes on.

Numbers don't lie

"Started from the bottom now i'm here" - Viral Patel

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Few of my Quotes...

If you are a good graphic designer, choose the best workspace, get the full control on your tool, think just about yourself & Design an Art Work of Your LIFE! - by Viral Patel :)

Talent is the thing which you can neither purchase nor you can give in charity, But yes you can surely SELL it! - by Viral Patel :)

"Your hardwork may look good for you, but it is called a Design when your client uses it." - by Viral Patel :)

"Your work load will aLways force you to start a company,
But your company will always be hungry for a work regularity & staff expenses...
& That's why i'm a Freelancer!" - by Viral Patel :)

"Sometimes it's not work load
It's our approach, dedication & focus towards work
that keeps us awake late night!."
- by Viral Patel :)