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i facilitate thinking, i engage minds, i listen to questions,
i encourage risk, i support struggle,
i cultivate dreams, i learn everyday.....
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Hi Friends, myself Viral Patel, I've experience of more than 7 yrs in this field. 2 years of company experience and 5 yrs of teaching experience in computer institutes and top schools of Mumbai, Thane and Pune.
Currently i'm a Senior Graphic Designer in a Good Reputed Consulting Firm & side by side handling my business Home Trainer with the concept of WATCH LEARN AND SHARE.

The Man Behind Home Trainer – Mr. Viral Patel

Welcome to the no. 1 website Home Trainer.
I'm Viral Patel, a professional-graphic designer from Mumbai, India.
I started Home Trainer as a passion and now it's empowering more than 56,000+ learners & more then 176 countries globally and helping them to learn from online videos which i record and post. You can read more about me at Myself page.


Job Titles: Cartoon Artist, DTP Operator, Graphic Designer, Website Designer, Website Developer, 2D Animator, 3D Modeller, 3D Animation, Art Director.


I started my Career early in 2008. At that time i was just knowing that Designing Field is a mixture of some selective colours, measurement knowledge, paper sizes and few software shortcuts to remember. In the beginning of my career, even i was also confused like you all only that what to do?, what to choose? which software to focus 1st?, what software does what function?... But, as time passed by slowly slowly i understood the VALUE OF DESIGN. Every single colour you select, line you draw, options you create and views you make has its importance. Infact, "Design plays a very important and vibrant role in Business" The most vibrant field in this world of Information Technology.


As i started my career, I gained experience from Companies, Institutes, International Schools and Colleges. I'm writing this blog to guide all my students, fresher and friends to develop and build a career in Multimedia field. I can personally suggest you that you just required a proper guidance, have patience, faith, trust on your teacher then things will be simpler as the days goes on. Merge yourself fully in this field, infact change the way you look at things... no matter it is a person, place or a thing... Your mind should always see the creativity behind everything. Most important thing you need to do is give time for pratice, learn new things, expore your ideas, search different different designs, artworks, take free basic and simple free lancing projects...from that you will learn the layout arrangement, colour combinations and typography etc. Something about the courses... Personally recommending you all don't take career courses just because you failed to take the education degree from your school and colleges. If you are not interested, then don't waste your bundles of money just because others are doing so you will also do... Graphics Designing is not a piece of cake to taste and swallow. You need to take it seriously, it needs sleepless nights to think for a concept or an idea. It is said that Strength & Growth comes only through continues Effort & Struggle, which practically and truly applies here... You have to remember the shortcuts, tools, function, commands, themes as per different fields, layout concepts as per the client requirements...

My Quotes

If you are a good graphic designer, choose the best workspace, get the full control on your tool, think just about yourself & Design an Art Work of Your LIFE! - by Viral Patel

Talent is the thing which you can neither purchase nor you can give in charity, But yes you can surely SELL it! - by Viral Patel

"Your hardwork may look good for you, but it is called a Design when your client uses it." - by Viral Patel